Lifeshots Photography, a young and dynamic company run by Hugo Onink based in Delft
Following 9 years of photography experience in a range of subjects, Hugo is always able to come with a suitable solution for your photographic needs.
While one day the job might be avoiding kitesurfers in a wetsuit with camera in hand, the other might be planning and shooting your next lookbook.  You name it, Lifeshots shoots it! 
Don't see what you're looking for, or just curious what Lifeshots can do for you, don't hesitate to reach out!
Need a Videographer?
Having collaborated on numerous shoots with Jasper Sauer, he is my go to videographer.  Equipped with skills, gear and infectious enthusiasm he can provide the talent you need for any production.  
From travel to weddings and product to nightlife shots, he's your man.

Find his work on
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Contact Details:
Hugo Onink
Lifeshots Photography

+31 (0)6 24935643
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