Nacht van de Vluchteling | Krijtman
Telling the story of artist Gert-Jan van der Kooij and his involvement with NGO NvdV as he creates beautiful pieces of art.

Cinematography: Jasper Sauer & Hugo Onink
Edit: Hugo Onink
Lovely Lau Boutique | Fashion Shoot
Introducing Laura's first fall collection in this banner campaign to compliment the photoshoot done simultaneously. A vertical edit has been created as well for social media usage.

Client: Lovely Lau Fashion Boutique
Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink

LAXMI | Instagram Ads
Instagram ads for the 2021 Winter collection of luxury women's clothing LAXMI.
With the ever-growing importance of social media advertising, this campaign was focused on vertical videos which could be implemented on socials, stories yet also the website. This resulted in 14 different edits for the new winter '21 collection
Client: LAXMI
Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
SportMonkey | Mock Up Ad
Mock up advertisement shot for a fashion marketing student's final project.  
Note: not a real advertisement and SportMonkey is not associated to this production.

Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
3D Venture | Company Presentation
Short film presenting the start up company 3D Venture to explain their innovative new way of offering online shopping.

Client: 3D Venture
Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
Constructif | Company Presentation
Short film presenting the collaborative partnering of 2 contractors for a new project in Leiden.

Client: PlanToTop
Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
Partnership: Jasper Sauer
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