Nacht van de Vluchteling | Krijtman
Telling the story of artist Gert-Jan van der Kooij and his involvement with NGO NvdV as he creates beautiful pieces of art.

Cinematography: Jasper Sauer & Hugo Onink
Edit: Hugo Onink
SportMonkey | Mock Up Ad
Mock up advertisement shot for a fashion marketing student's final project.  
Note: not a real advertisement and SportMonkey is not associated to this production.

Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
3D Venture | Company Presentation
Short film presenting the start up company 3D Venture to explain their innovative new way of offering online shopping.

Client: 3D Venture
Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
Constructif | Company Presentation
Short film presenting the collaborative partnering of 2 contractors for a new project in Leiden.

Client: PlanToTop
Cinematography & Edit: Hugo Onink
Partnership: Jasper Sauer
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